Laura Frazier


Laura Frazier leads one of our nation’s longstanding and innovative design firms with clients throughout the country. She has been instrumental to Bittners growth in modern residential and commercial design, handcrafted, custom furniture and the expansion of Bittners’ design campus. Her dedication is the key to Bittners success today and in the future.

Laura is a leader in philanthropy and strongly committed to stem cell research through her support of the National Foundation to Support Cell Transplant Research and University of Louisville Foundation.

Douglas Riddle

President & COO

Douglas Riddle is a true visionary who has reinvented Bittners into a legendary brand known throughout the country. He envisions space without limits. His natural instinct for design is the key to creating sophisticated design that transcends borders, time and space. His creative drive and leadership will propel Bittners into its next 165 years.

The best is yet to come.

Douglas is strongly committed to these philanthropic organizations: Louisville Ballet, Gildas Club Louisville and The Speed Art Museum.

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